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Benefits of EntroPower

  • Immediate increase in energy and vitality
  • Better concentration and mental clarity
  • Increases endurance for vody and mind
  • Protects body from stress by utiizing Powerful antioxidants in SEANOL®
  • Increases lean muscle tissue
  • Burns body fat

Use EntroPower everyday to sustain an active lifestyle and to help improve concentration.
Start each day feeling refreshed and looking forward with confidence to exercise, work or studying at school.
With EntroPower, experience an overall sense of increased wellness and vitality.

The Key lngredient SEANOL®

New, patented, and revolutionary
"The SEANOL® Story goes back to a union of three Ph.D's who were working on drug developments in cardiovascular diseases in the University of lowa in late 1980's."
After 13 years of scientific study and 30 million dollars in research costs SEANOL® is now finally available to the public.

What is SEANOL® ?

SEANOL® is the trade name for a natural complex of polyphenols processed from a species of edible brown seaweed known as cava ecklonia. SEANOL® has multiple powerful benefits such as increasing energy, improving mental functions, burning fat, protection from stress and having longer lasting effects than caffeine.

Because the source of this polyphenol is a marine plant as opposed to land based plants, SEANOL® has more powerful and longer lasting anti-oxidant and cardiovascular properties.

Compared to many anti-oxidants, dietary supplements and nutriceuticals in the market today, SEANOL® is supported by solid science and extensive research.

Proven Safety

Various Toxicity tests have been performed in GLP facilities and no adverse effect has been found in any of the tests at effective human dose levels.